Best Tools to Convert Multiple Lines to a Single Line in Python

Do you need to convert a multi-line Python script to a single line of code? You may need this is to copy the Python code into a terminal script. This blog tutorial gives you an overview of the best one-linerizer tools available.

Python One-Liner Converter in Your Browser

The following simple Python script will convert a multi-liner to a one-liner using the exec() method. Just copy & paste your multiline code into the multi-line string and hit “Run”:

Note that you need to escape triple quotes and single backslashes if you have them in your multi-line code.

Python Single Line Converter

This extremely simple Python one-linerizer is open-source and you can run it here:

Python Single Line Converter

The simple conversion technique is to wrap the given multi-line Python code into a single line by performing the three steps:

  1. Escape all \ and """.
  2. Reindent the whole script based on the indentation of the first line to help you one-linerize indented code.
  3. Wraps the resulting string into an exec() function.

Python Onelinerizer

This classic tool uses another approach: it converts given Python 2 code to a single line using a series of nested lambda functions. Click here to try it for your multi-line script:

Python Onelinerizer

However, it works only for Python 2.

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